Hellen Teo Manning

Executive Director of The Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong)

Hellen is presently the Executive Director of The Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong) since 2019.  A graduate of Edith Cowan University with a Degree in Hospitality Management.

Hellen has over 20 years of Hospitality Experience.  She had extensive experience with hotel openings, she held senior level positions in Sales & Marketing and Food & Beverage divisions. 

Hellen also volunteers actively in Singapore Association Hong Kong and is chairperson for Singapore International School Hong Kong Parent Teachers Association.  She is highly resourceful, is approachable and has a pleasant attitude and a desire and commitment to making a positive mark in the Singapore Community in Hong Kong.


I joined BLW as the Chamber has collaborated with BLW on events.  I am also looking forward to networking with other members of BLW to share experiences and ideas.

Dicky Lau

Managing Director and Founder of Pan Asia Tech Limited

We are a Fintech solutions company with major business areas in systems integration, systems development, mobile application development, and UX/UI designs for companies’ logos, mobile applications, and websites. One of Pan Asia Tech’s high profile projects is integrating Jetco’s Cardless Withdrawal System for Ping An OneConnect Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“PAObank”). We are also the sole vendor for PAObank’s Mobile Banking vendor, responsible for changes and maintaining their Retail and SME mobile applications.


We specialize in mobile applications development with the use of Flutter. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase. 


Dicky has extensive experience in startups and has demonstrated a history of working in the Information Technology & Services industry. I am equipped with analytical skills, sales, presentations, networking, product development, and business development.


Dicky graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in Operations Management from HKUST Business School. 


I have chosen to be part of the BLW Community because I was inspired by Dennis’s efforts in sharing his experience and providing assistance to members of the community to achieve their goals and giving back to the society at the same time.

Gary Lim

Managing Director of A.Plus International Corporation Limited

Gary Lim is presently the Managing Director and one of the founders of A.Plus International Corporation Limited.  He was part of the management team which oversaw the successful listing of the A.Plus Group Holdings Limited on the Growth Enterprise Market of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKEx) in April 2016.  The company successfully migrated to the Mainboard of the HKEx in January 2019.


Prior to this he was the Assistant General Manager at Toppan Vite Limited where he was recognized as one the top performing sales professionals.  Mr Lim has been in the financial printing industry for the last 21 years and has lived and worked in Singapore, Beijing and Hong Kong. 


He sits on the board of directors as an Independent Non-executive Director at ZACD Group Limited, a Singapore based real estate fund management company listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the HKEx where he provides independent advice to the board.


He obtained a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in July 1999 and a Master of Business Administration degree from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the United States of America, in March 2008.  He is on the Executive Committee of the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Hong Kong.


He actively contributes his time to the Singaporean community here in HK.  He sits on the committee of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce (HK) and is active in the Singapore Association as well.


Besides work, he is an avid guitarist, is active in watersports and loves to cook.  He is always on the lookout for good investment opportunities and can be reached at garylimby@hotmail.com.

Basil Hwang

Managing Director of Hauzen Services Limited/Managing Partner of Hauzen LLP

Basil Hwang is the Managing Director of Hauzen Services Limited, a corporate services provider specializing in Hong Kong listed companies, and the Managing Partner of Hauzen LLP, a financial regulatory law firm.  He is a specialist in financial markets regulation, disputes and investigations, as well as contentious and complex transactions. He represents public companies, licensed intermediaries and investors.

Basil is recognized by clients for his business insight and pragmatic advice, his familiarity with regulations in Hong Kong and business practices in Greater China, and his ability to successfully deliver on clients’ objectives.

Prior to founding Hauzen LLP, he was the founder and Managing Partner of a US law firm for seven years, an executive director in charge of managing a Hong Kong Mainboard-listed company, and general counsel and independent director at other companies listed in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Basil is admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong, as a solicitor in England and Wales, and as an advocate and solicitor in Singapore.

Basil has chosen to be part of BLW as a way to give back to the business community in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Jenna Huey

CEO of Fortnynja

Jenna specialises in regulated tech as a Fintech & Innovation expert. She is also named as one of the Top 14 Fintech Influencer in Malaysia, 40 under 40 – Prestige Malaysia & Top 100 Women in Fintech (Global), Jenna has experience in Entrepreneurship experience & has been sharing her experience as a Speaker (Global) (Eg: Silicon Valley).Jenna was from the Fintech team in MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation), building the fintech ecosystem in Malaysia working with experts, regulators, financial institutions, accelerator, investors, startups/scaleups and academic institutions. She was an Advocate and Solicitor (Partner) previously with experience of running a law firm such as in the fields of corporate, litigation, human rights and family law.

Jenna is the Co-founder and CEO for FortNynja. FortNynja is a cybersecurity company (having presence in Australia, Hong Kong & Malaysia) which also tackles the talent drought issue in cybersecurity and fintech by launching programmes such as E-Fintech School.

Jenna was the Regtech Chair and committee member for Fintech Association of Malaysia. She also holds the position as a Strategist for Venture Capital and Private Equity Association and is also a co-author for the Legaltechbook and Regtech Book.

Making ideas into action within a community that thrive and creates impact with the principles of diversity, sustainability and inclusivity


Amy Wong

CEO & Founder, Ariaa Company Limited

Amy is a digital entrepreneur with over 10 years of dedicated experience in Technology & Business Operation.

With an EMBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she was a Risk analyst at Citibank Hong Kong before becoming the co-founding COO of AQ Talent Lab, a career development mobile app with blockchain infrastructure.

Having extensive experience in digital content such as mobile games, short-form videos, and live-stream events, Amy is passionate about bridging the gap between technological leapfrog and traditional business practices. In 2020, Amy has founded Ariaa Company Limited, a digital content and partnership consultancy in Hong Kong.

Ariaa focuses on helping businesses with a tailored, sustainable digital solution that drives growth amidst the ever-changing global business environment. In contrast with digital agencies, Ariaa serves with a business owner’s perspective and provides a sustainable digital promotion and partnership model that aligns with the brand’s long term business objectives. Beyond social media and digital marketing, Ariaa uniquely provides partnership consultancy to help brands accelerate their growth (Both in terms of customer engagement and business conversions).

Being a dedicated Rotarian and an Alumni of the Chinese university EMBA program, I appreciate that there is no shortage of business networks and communities in Hong Kong. However, it is most rewarding when one comes across a community that focuses on personal growth as well as giving back. The theme of conducting business while giving back to society is a recurring one in my career so far and is exactly what attracts me to the BLW community.

Po Tang

CEO & Founder, Keplar Limited

Po is a senior executive with over 30 years’ leadership experience as a CFO in the UK and latterly Hong Kong. He has worked in both listed and unlisted multinational billion-dollar companies with extensive business and commercial experience in Advertising, Events, Marketing, Loyalty, Travel, Technology, e-Commerce, Airport lounges (Priority Pass) and the Sports industry.

In his last company, The Collinson Group, in June 2018 it was listed in the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 as one of the fastest-growing companies and also finished second in the list of top five companies with the highest volume of international sales, with more than £521 million in 2017.

Currently, he is the CEO and Co-Founder of a start-up company, Keplar Limited, that utilises Blockchain Technology to solve accounting problems. It is a new journey, and he is looking forward to the challenge.

I joined BLW to collaborate and network with fellow liked minded members to share ideas and further good work.

Cavan Chan

High Performance Lifestyle Zeitgeist, Corporate Trainer & Transformation Coach.

A passionate NASM certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist with a keen interest in optimizing his mind & body connection through various psychological and physiological biohacking routines. His intention is to empower everyone to live an optimized, balanced and purposeful life.
His Mission: Always aim to deliver an adequate balance of motivation, rewards and fun in any training workshop so as to create sustainable lifestyle changes for his clients.

He specializes in

  1. Stress management through Sleep Optimization
  2. Balance Nutrition workshop for weight loss & de-stress
  3. Preparation of one’s working environment for effective performance

His Passionate Sports: Triathlon, Endurance Sports (Running & Biking)

Ann Kwong


Think & Act Strategic Co.,Ltd.

Think & Act Strategic has been in toy industry since 1998 and concentrate in wooden toy sector on OEM & ODM manufacturing since 2002.

With a vision of caring children by developing good design and quality wooden toys. We developed a specific quality control system and proudly stated as the first and unique one. This not only strengthen our product reliability but also our trust on customers and consumers.

2019 was my 30 years anniversary in toy industry.
Lucky me, the longer I am here, I feel younger !
I strongly believe life-long learning and I never give up.
Five years ago, I obtained MBA degree and my honorable Doctorate !

I believe good attitude and care are key elements of success. Care of your working team, partners and customers is important to form a long-lasting collaboration unit.

Education and IT lead our future !

I am very happy to set my goal to participate on education by developing wooden toys as tools and system for children growth, elderly assistance and family harmony.

“Being impressed by BLW members who are not restricted to local residents. Member and guest from different sectors/countries who exchange their business view and focus on helping others to move on their goal. This platform can help to extend “Think Globally and Act Locally” marketing strategy!”

Kellog Ngai

Founder & CEO

TIPS Dollar

Kellog is the Founder and CEO of TIPS Dollar, a FinTech start-up focused on Wealth Tech and Invest Tech. His extensive experience in building financial trading systems and monitoring markets has motivated him to start this company, to educate young investors with the correct mentality in saving and investing, as well as making investing “simple, fair, and transparent.”

“BLW is a community that shares the same vision, to contribute to the society through business, not through transactions, but by connecting like-minded people of different backgrounds, to share experiences, ideas, and respect, to each other.”

Polly Chan


Thrive Hong Kong Charitable Ltd.

Polly started off as a senior HR leader for international leading firms with experience in 10+ industries.

She had felt in love with children education charity services and entrepreneurships in her second and third careers.

In her latest journey, she is setting up a new children education charity called Thrive Hong Kong Charitable Ltd.

Thrive Hong Kong envisions to inspire and empower under-resourced children and youths in Hong Kong to embrace life with enhanced self-confidence, a positive mind-set and a giving back attitude.

Leveraging her prior charity experience of empowering 500+ needy children during 2009 to 2017, together with 5 young ambassadors (alumni from our previous charity), some long term International volunteers and many giving minded corporate and individuals, Polly and Lilian Sze, her charity partner believe, together we will be able to empower even more children and youths to shine in the future.

To provide financial sustainability and operational sustainability for Thrive Hong Kong, we also operate a Social Enterprise called Thrive Ltd to help caring corporates to design and project-lead their CSR workshops for Social impact & Enhanced Employee experience.

Please feel free to contact Lilian or me to share your wonderful giving back ideas.

“BLW stands out as an excellent senior executive Learning & Networking community. On day One, I was already learning a lot of useful and interesting business ideas on doing business with Good from renowned speakers. I am also impressed with the high quality of the members who are sincere, friendly and have a strong giving back mindset. As a new member, we already benefited from immediate business support and advice from a few of our existing members. Let me take this opportunity to thank Benson Lau to have introduced BLW to me and Dennis Tang to have accepted me as part of the BLW family. Thanks!”

Kenneth Choy


Nixon Peabody CWL

I have practiced law for 30+ years in three different jurisdictions, New York, California, and Hong Kong. In addition, I have also co-founded a technology company. In my practice, I serve as a trusted adviser to entrepreneurs and investors focusing in the technology space. I try to help clients find solutions that are useful and practical while achieving their needs.

Jason Alleyne

Co-founder and Managing-Director Asia-Pacific

Besurance Corporation

I am an innovator. In the greater China area, I operate www.cookhouselabs.com which solves the toughest problems of financial institutions thru collaboration between creative youth/young entrepreneurs , business subject matter experts , and our Lean Innovation Impactathon process facilitators. We organize events and experiential learning that bring our global community closer together to make social impact and business impact. We have proprietary IP in investment, insurance and finance tech space that help our community members and collaborators to make real impact. In brief, I have: (1) launched the hedging module for North America’s top actuarial software platform; (2) developed Canada’s only equity-based-guarantee investment fund offered with life insurance; (3) researched and built the first-of-its-kind eco-friendly and sustainable residential home in Canada; (4) co-founded Canada’s only mutual risk sharing platform (besure) for the underserved/underbanked; (5) co-created the first dog-lovers community APP (Patzo in Germany) to use mutual risk sharing IP; (6) created a health & wellness APP (You2.0 in Canada) …. Finally, I was born in Trinidad & Tobago, the smallest nation to ever qualify for the FIFA soccer world cup finals. I have lived in 4 different continents. I currently work in Toronto, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. My wife was born and raised in Guangzhou. 3 of my 4 grandparents were born in the same birthplace as Sun Yat Sen. My first visit ever to China was in 2015. So, I only speak English. In China our company brand name is “Elite”. Our Instagram is: elite.team.mates

“I got connected with BLW through Benson Lau, the founder of Zencode. I immediately found common interest with Dennis Tang through his knowledge of actuarial science and our shared vision for making social impact. I am pleased to say that I have found BLW members are open to new ideas and always willing to help.”

Peter Hildebrand

General Manager

Park Hyatt Shenzhen

Peter Hildebrand was appointed as General Manager of Park Hyatt Shenzhen in October 2018 and has since conducted the Grand Opening on July 29, 2019. Peter began his hospitality career at Hyatt Regency Sanctuary Cove on Queensland’s Hope Island in 1989. His career progressed with assignments at Hyatt Regency and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and later Grand Hyatt Shanghai as Director of Marketing. In 2006, he was appointed Hotel Manager at Hyatt on the Bund, Shanghai. In 2010, Peter became General Manager at The Westin Fuzhou Minjiang in Fujian Province and prior to his current role, he was General Manager at W Hong Kong since 2011.

“I joined BLW both because I liked the idea of creating useful business connections through social interaction with business leaders who don’t see profits as their sole raison d’etre. I had belonged to a business networking organization run by Dennis previously and I have faith in his integrity and believed his vision for BLW could be realized. Since joining I have not been disappointed and through BLW have met and established connections with a good number of business decision-makers who are relevant to my business and have been able to assist numerous times. The fact that this has been possible through an organization whose underlying mission is to contribute to the underprivileged makes it a much more satisfying and meaningful network than any I have participated in before.”

Anthony Lau


Anthony Lau Photography

Anthony Lau is an award-winning photographer based in Hong Kong, and is also a seasoned six-sigma business improvement black-belt with more than 20 years of experience in soft-skill training and project management.

In 2019, Anthony become a full-time photographer, providing personal coaching in photography, leading expedition into exotic locations and collaborating with world’s leading brands for various kind of corporate activities. His lists of major clients including AIA, Asus, Genting Group, Smartone and Sony.

“Contributing back to the society, Networking, Developing Business”

Imbert Fung

Executive Director

AFS Intercultural Exchanges

AFS Hong Kong is a non-profit that delivers 1-year immersive overseas exchange programs to teenagers from all socioeconomic backgrounds and all tiers of secondary schools. In this challenging 1-year exchange, our students live with unpaid voluntary host families, study at reputable local secondary schools, and receive regular support and orientations from AFS volunteers. In addition to fostering language and cultural knowledge, the AFS program empowers students to develop empathy, confidence, and real-world problem solving skills. AFS Hong Kong is part of the global AFS network, which has a 100+ year history of youth service with a mission to create a more just and peaceful world.

“We hope to collaborate with business leaders to impact even more teenagers and families in Hong Kong.”

Franklin Lau


Reanda International

Franklin is the managing director of Reanda Lau & Au Yeung (HK) CPA Ltd, ranked No 13 in HK per 2018 survey conducted by International Accounting Bulletin. He is also CEO of Reanda International, a network of firms providing audit, tax, advisory and legal support, based in Beijing, ranked 20th internationally with 40 country/ territory members worldwide in 2019, comprises of 15 members in Asia, 2 from Australia and Oceania, 1from Middle East, 7 from Africa, 14 from Europe and 1 from South America. Franklin is the life member of BLW, he has 2 kids, enjoys tennis, photography and singing in his leisure.

“BLW is amazing! Labeling BLW as a business club or association will just diminish the real meaning of joining it. Members of BLW are elites from diverse industries with very different cultural backgrounds and disciplines. this is an international community where business leaders in here are encouraged to share their knowledge and vision and most importantly care for each other and contribute to the society as our common goals. My hearty thanks to Dennis for bringing me in.”

Johnson Chong

Chairman, CEO & Executive Director

KNT Holdings Limited

I, the Chairman, CEO and Executive Director of KNT Holdings Limited (public listed on the Main Board of SEHK under stock code 1025), am primarily responsible for the Group’s overall strategic planning, corporate management and business development.

I commenced my business in 1993 by incorporating KNT Limited. To meet the business expansion, I established a factory HYG in Dongguan, China in 1993 . Knowing the business and customers’ needs, I have gained more customers’ recognition and market shares, and lead KNT going public in Hong Kong on February 2019.

“BLW is an excellent platform for business leaders from various sectors. As a Founding Member of BLW, I have got strong network from the BLW platform. It allows me to interact with other senior executives, entrepreneurs and young talented members from different sectors. Their thoughts and opinions inspire me a lot and I benefit a great deal from sharing experiences with them.”

Benson Lau

Co-Founder and CSO at Zencode

Co-Producer of Failcon Hong Kong

Committee Member of Hong Kong Startup Support Group

Committee Member of Social Contribution at Business Leaders Who Care

Benson Lau is a Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Zencode, where he has helped grow Zencode from humble beginnings to 4 offices in Asia with over 80 staff for the last five years.  He has extensive experience in developing web & mobile applications and Artificial Neural Networks with offshore teams. His recent activities for Zencode include investing in startups through “Code For Equity” program, facilitating Silicon Valley’s Failcon event in Hong Kong to foster innovation, fundraising for startups, engaging and growing the first decentralised startup community in Hong Kong (~1,000 members)  and driving social impact through technology.  

Benson is a tech consultant for investment offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, to validate technology, especially in AI and applications.  Benson is frequently invited to speak on the future of AI and how it will shape our economies by different organisations in Hong Kong. 

Benson serves on the committee for Hong Kong Startup Support Group and committee for Business Leaders Who Care.  Benson also supports charities and social enterprises through pro-bono IT consulting and subsidised development services.  He originally hails from Singapore and Sydney, Australia. Benson is interested in amateur racing and books from Bill Gates’s reading list.


B.Bus: summa cum laude University of Technology, Sydney 2010 

Clients Served:
DBS, AON, GIC, Telstra, Toyota, ST-Engineering, NTUC Fairprice, NUS, NUS Duke, NTU, L’Oreal, McDonald’s, Expedia, Charles & Keith and HPB… to name a few.

“I have found BLW to be a community of business leaders in Asia and beyond who share common values that help build trust and respect not on a transactional level, but on a deep respect level. Having a socially conscious mindset that goes beyond the dollars and cents. This is a stark contrast to other networking groups I have been a part of and the bonds formed here are not forced but desired.”

Shadow Wong

Partner and head of client servicing

Shadow leads the client servicing team at Stepworks to deliver on brief, on time, on budget, for global and local clients. With over a decade of band building experience, Shadow is often called upon by leaders in international and local businesses as a trusted advisor on brand-related matters. More at stepworks.co

Michelle Miralles

Partner and Design Director

With almost two decades of design leadership experience, Michelle has lead effective brand development and communications projects for dozens of local and global organisations in the sectors of finance, healthcare, hospitality, and more. Check out stepworks.co to see how her and her team’s work have moved businesses forward.

Eric Chan

Partner and Design Director

Eric’s enthusiasm and demanding standards for effective design solutions is contagious. Evidence of he and his team’s design thinking and reductionist approach to design can be seen across the city of Hong Kong in the brand identities of HK Tramways, Maxim’s Chinese Cuisine, CancerFund. A picture speaks a thousand words, check out stepworks.co for more.

Xavier Pech

Senior Partner ACT – Asia Corporate Training

Individual Membership

Experienced team leader with a demonstrated history of business success through people. Skilled in Hospitality, Luxury Goods, Food & Beverage, Budgeting, Business Strategy and Operations Management. Strong entrepreneurship professional with long corporate business experience.

ACT has been a leading Experiential Learning company in the field of training and development for the last 15 years. We address behavioural change through experiential learning. We believe and respect that every organization is different, hence a need for different solutions to address organizational challenges.

“I joined BLW because the events are designed to allow for interaction not only with NGOs, exploring opportunities for creating a positive social impact but also
to link up with like-minded business leaders, for potential cooperation and partnership.”

Charlotte Lee

CEO – Luxon Data Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Individual Membership

A provider and integrator of customized enterprise solution platforms for business analytics with utilizing Auto ID,RFID,Vision,IoT,VR,Robot and Mobility technologies to meet customer needs for data management and action intelligence. A variety of sales and service in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China,HK and Taiwan.

“Good spirit of organization.”

Alan Lim

Group CEO at E-Services Group (ESG)

Accredited by Forrester Now, NetSDL offers a robust order and inventory management software suite in APAC and works with clients such as Uniqlo, Adidas, Johnson Controls.
“Being a member of BLW enables me to be more involved not only in the business but also the social enterprise communities for where I live, travel, and work.”
Stephen Barry

Managing Partner

Founder of the firm whose purpose is to create positive change through Wholehearted Brand Building. See how Stephen and his team creates valuable competitive advantages for their clients at stepworks.co. Stephen also serves on the board of Viva Hong Kong, a charity helping change the lives of vulnerable children around the world.

“My colleagues and I have enjoyed being a member of the BLW community of positive, ambitious, socially responsible leaders, from a wide range of businesses and the social sector. The community is generous in sharing knowledge and professional connections when appropriate.”

Florence Mok

Managing Director, North Asia of BIPO

Corporate Membership

BIPO is a leading one-stop human resources provider in Asia Pacific, focused on providing organisations with innovative ways to manage complex end-to-end HR processes. Through our cloud and mobile-based Human Resources Management system as well as industry-leading solutions such as Payroll Outsourcing, Attendance Automation, HR Consulting, Recruitment & Business Process Outsourcing and Flexible Employee Management, we help companies transform their HR operations to and beyond their expectations, while achieving business goals related to cost and profitability.

Florence is the Managing Director, North Asia of BIPO. Her areas of specialty include organization transformation and helping organizations develop people management strategies to meet business needs.

BLW community is a very inspiring networking platform which gives Chief Executives and Entrepreneurs as well as all professionals the most insightful address on the CSR and Social Impact”
Vicky Chan

Managing Director of Chip In

Individual Membership

Vicky Chan, the founder of Chip In Fish & Chips, a Hong Kong local brand fish & chips shop and a social enterprise, established in 2012.
We use Fish & Chips to promote Quality Fast Food, bringing the importance of food safety, nutrition, eco-friendly and fair trade values to the public.
It is also a platform to enhance employment opportunities for people with disadvantages in the Food & Beverage industry.
Currently, two branches are operating in Sai Kung and Wan Chai. Franchise license is also available to the public, so that social impact can be maximised locally and globally through social franchising.

“Being part of the bridge between coporates and social needs is always my life mission.”
Miranda Tang

Managing Director of Dream Matcher

Individual Membership

We are a professional advisory firm matching your growth dreams and accelerating performance the private equity way by connecting ideas, partners and resources. We target SMEs where they are less resourceful and at the inflection point of their growth and require assistance in different fronts to sustain expansion. We see ourselves as outsourced CEO, CFO, business development and strategist functions, all in one.

“Really enjoyed the connections and social awareness that BLW brings.  Has been a very fruitful and rewarding experience.”
Bernard Chan

Director of Fenix Logistic Services Ltd

Individual Membership

Fenix Logistics Services Limited is your one-stop logistics services provider. We aim to solve all logistics needs for our customer so they can focus on trading and selling, and we take care of the rest. We have been providing professional logistics solutions including storage, warehouse operation, local delivery, and custom clearance since 1994. In the urge of internet era, FLS has been able to adapt and provide e-commerce logistics services for e-shops. While it was difficult at first, we have now developed an efficient warehouse for e-commerce customers. We are also aggressive in expanding our services area, which now includes Shenzhen, China. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions regarding anything logistics.

“FLS care about the community but we don’t know how, BLW has shown us the way.”

Eric Swinton

Founder and CEO of V Cycle

Social Enterprise

Founded in October 2017, V Cycle is tackling Hong Kong’s environmental issues on two levels; ecological and social. By coupling them, we can empower the underprivileged and protect the natural world.
Our mission is to stop plastic from polluting our environment by educating companies, schools and the public on waste reduction. Plastic stays within the loop by recycling them into raw materials or contemporary products that everyone could use; businesses, individuals alike! We will create jobs in Hong Kong and provide care for the underprivileged living in poverty through waste collecting and recycling.

“I joined BLW as I firmly believe in its mission to unite important stakeholders from different sectors to help each other to create a positive social impact.”
Andy Ng

President of the HKGCSE Council

Social Enterprise

I am one of the founding members of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprise (GCSE). Since 2014, I become the chairperson of GCSE’s Committee on SE Endorsement Mark ( SEE Mark ), which is the only assessment scheme to certify SEs in Hong Kong. GCSE is one of the key SE platforms in Hong Kong established in 2009 to promote the development and sustainability of SE to resolve social problems and deliver social good through business operation. Apart from SEE Mark, GCSE partners with academic institutions to conduct researches on SEs, meets government officials and advocates for policy changes of to provide a nurturing environment for the development of SE. GCSE host conferences, conduct capacity building activities, pays visits to local and overseas SEs, as well as organize yearly outstanding award ceremony to boost morale of SE staffs.

“Cross sectoral collaboration would provide better solutions for addressing different social problems. I hope GCSE could leverage the support from BLW to strengthen the SEs to do more social good for the community, and BLW could use GCSE as a platform for CSR initiatives of its members.”
Karen Chu

Founder of thegoodcake

Social Enterprise

Karen Chu is the Founder of The Good Cake – a social bakery with a mission to alleviate elderly poverty in Hong Kong.

“I had hoped to meet more like-minded business leaders in Hong Kong.”
Hannah Lau

Managing Director of Astera Asia

Young Entrepreneur Membership

Originally from Canada, Hannah’s background is in business administration with a specialty in marketing/branding. She has built her career in Asia, first working for international advertising agencies in the corporate sector that exposed her to a diverse range of clients across different countries and cultures.

At Astera Asia, she is applying her experience in organizational development and marketing & communications to help those in non-profit organizations and small businesses. Her expertise has been found to be especially helpful in situations that require careful navigation of cross-cultural nuances.

The part of her job she enjoys most is in helping clients gain clarity in direction and empowering them to take the necessary next steps to move forward.

Her creativity is fuelled by crosswords, film festivals, and well-timed witty comments.

“The key to making social contributions that last is to do it in community. It is much too big a job for any one person, it must be done together. Astera Asia has joined BLW hoping to both strengthen our own efforts as well as being a strength to others who are running this same race. “

Bird Tang

Executive Director of Voltra

Social Enterprise

VolTra is a registered charitable institution empowering people to take part in social innovation and glocal actions by connecting doers and dreamers, charities and businesses, local and global.

“Amazing platform to connect leaders from different sectors and empower us to do good well.”
Dr. Jon Li

CEO & Founder

VIZZIO Technologies (Singapore) and LightMagic (China)

A seasoned serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in computer graphics and artificial intelligence. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. He is the Founder/CEO of LightMagic China and the Founder/CEO of VIZZIO Singapore.

Dr Jon is the Creator/Author of 500+ Patents filed with USPTO & China Patent Office and led LightMagic to win the most prestigious China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2019 in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, and National Finals. In 2018, LightMagic also won the Top 10 Software Award organized by the Ministry of IT in China and was the only startup winner amongst Baidu, Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, ZTE.

A returning Singaporean, he started VIZZIO in 2019. VIZZIO is a venture-backed technology company developing novel reality capture tools for 3D mapping, reality modeling (Object, Space, City), object tracking, and classification. He has built an inexpensive hardware/software platform that allows users to easily scan and accurately digitize objects, physical spaces in 3D, with the same resolution as industrial laser scanners, but at a fraction of the cost.

Elaine Hu

Consultant and Head of BLW, East China

Elaine has extensive global HR management experience and knowledge with more than 25 years of HR management experience in large multinational corporations. Her professional experience covers industries such as FMCG, Healthcare, Global Logistics, IT, Shared Service Center, etc.
She has extensive experience and led the HR organization in Mainland China for large and globally well-known Top 500 companies including PepsiCo, Sandoz, Novartis Consumer Health and DB Schenker.

Her main role was to lead and implement key corporate initiatives as part of the organization strategies and her major responsibilities include organization transformation, innovation, with focus on the human side of the business.

She is also the local partner of BLW for East China.

I have recently started to explore a new area involving social and business balance and maximize the organization’s commercial value and social impact’. She strives to achieve to maximize commercial organization’s social value and impact, create long term sustainability and financial independence for social enterprises.

Sunny Leow

Senior Associate, Fiduciary & Family Office Services

Sunny started his career in IT corporate sales before joining CBP Quilvest Trust Ltd. That is where he found his passion in assisting high net worth clients in trust related works, family legacy planning, wealth management, corporate restructuring and private equity funds administration services. Sunny graduated from National University of Singapore in 2015 majoring in Business Administration.

“Sunny is keen to join BLW because of the meaningful relationships to be fostered and meeting like minded people who has a heart for the social impact space across many regions.”

Donovan Tan

Founder & Creative Director

LOUPE Singapore

Donovan is the Founder and Creative Director of LOUPE Singapore, an award-winning social design studio headquartered in Singapore that specialises in corporate collaterals. He is passionate about change-making and creating social impact via Singapore’s art and design scene.

An art director by training, Donovan has led his teams to work on projects with clients such as the Ministry of Education, the National Environment Agency, TEDx, and M1.

Apart from this, Donovan has spoken at conferences, moderated panel discussions and interviewed on national radio on the topics of creating social impact with design. He facilitates C-suite level meetings to chart strategies for companies to achieve positive impact through design.

As a career mentor with YoungNTUC, Donovan has also served as Design Lead in the executive committee for Passion Unleashed: The Journey Talk Series, a non-profit talk series supported by the National Youth Council. He is adjunct faculty at the Management Development Institute of Singapore.

“When I first met the business leaders in BLW, I was inspired by their drive to do good through their organisations. It is heart-warming to know that there are business networks who focus not simply on the company’s bottom line, but also the social impact that it creates. As a network that is authentic and compassionate, BLW is a fine example of this endeavour.”

Han Phay

Managing Partner

Phay & Partners

Han Phay is an award-winning Singaporean entrepreneur and research scholar focused on the areas of creativity and artificial intelligence. Formally trained in the Fine Arts, Han was previously from the creative advertising industry and worked on brand projects the likes of SONY, Chloé, Cartier and the Mandarin Oriental Group.

He holds a Diploma of Higher Education in Interactive Art from the Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore, a Bachelor of Fine Arts (magna cum laude) in Advertising from the Savannah College of Art & Design, and a Master of Arts (research) in Creative AI from the Nanyang Technological University Singapore.

“I joined BLW at the personal invitation of Mr Dennis Tang, an experienced mentor that I met during a BLW meeting during my business trip to Shanghai. Having heard the vision behind BLW, I was impressed by the empathy and community-focused purpose Mr Dennis stands behind. I highly recommend anyone in the business or startup community to consider being part of this network.”

Joni Sng


Sober Creatives

The director of Sober Creatives, she believes in listening and helping brands tell their story through multimedia.

“When I first met BLW, I was humbled by the warmth and authenticity within the community.
As a young entrepreneur, mentors
who want to grow with you, and people who genuinely celebrate your success are rare, so I joined this network to tap on the collective wisdom and strengths of the members, and build genuine business and personal relationships that will last.”

Genevieve Goh


Smart Solutions Pte Ltd

Genevieve is currently CEO and founder of smarts.sg. A data analytics advisory firm which has built a software platform that allows Investment managers to harness machine learning for their investment strategies and decision. Genevieve has more than 15 years of experience in working with clients in various industry domain and advising on critical problem statements and alignment to available solutions available in the market. Prior to Smart Solutions , Genevieve have had the experience of working in Vietnam and have covered expansion of businesses in emerging markets and has vast insights on the intrinsic relationships in the high growth markets in ASIA. Genevieve is trained as a data science practitioner in the last 2 years and have prior 13 years of sales and technical architecture skills to build performance and robust infrastructure to support critical business applications. Her focus has always been building customer centric solution without compromising quality and time and channels the team to focus on partnering our clients and partners for success.

“The sharing and knowledge shared during the last BLW meeting was inspiring as it was non pretensious and truly heart warming. I hope to be able to build great relationships in the network while gaining new insights in how to better lead my organization for sustainable growth and myself lead a meaningful balanced journey in life. “

Thenappan Alagappan


Zencode Technologies.

Co-founder of Zencode Technologies. Have passion for solving problem of business owners through technology. Always on look out for opportunities to do things that has social impact.

“BLW is a platform to get to know social enterprises and like minded business leaders. As a platform it really helps you to create a balance between networking and fulfilling your social responsibilities.”

Suman Pandi


Zencode Technologies Pte Ltd

Cofounder and handles sales and Marketing for Singapore.

“Because of their focus towards social cause. We always wanted to do something or give back to the society that we are living in but we didn’t know where to look for, BLW came in and through them we got connected to various organisations which focuses on social cause. We are happy to be part of BLW.”

Michael Chen


BIPO Service (Singapore) Pte Ltd

As Founder and CEO of BIPO (a one-stop, global HR service provider), Michael Chen oversees the strategic growth and direction of the company.

Headquartered in Singapore with close to 300 employees globally, BIPO’s R&D Centres are located in Singapore, Shanghai, Indonesia and Malaysia.

A lawyer by training, Michael’s illustrious career spans across several leading large and medium sized enterprises in HR leadership roles.

In 2004, Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own team and develop a one-stop Human Resource Management System (HRMS) solution by integrating previously scattered HR processes and resources onto one unified platform, called BIPO.

Under Michael’s leadership, BIPO has expanded into key markets across Australia, Mainland China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. BIPO has received numerous accolades and regional awards, among them “HR Vendors of the Year 2018” (awarded by Human Resources Online) and “HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards” for two consecutive years 2018 and 2019.

In recognition of Michael’s outstanding achievements in driving innovation and entrepreneurship, the Jing’an District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (Shanghai, China) presented Michael with the “2016 Jing’an District Employment Leader” award.

Anders Wu

Assistant Manager of Accountancy Hub

Young Entrepreneur Membership

We provide one-stop accounting services to our clients which includes company incorporation, corporate secretarial services, bookkeeping, taxation, auditing and liquidation. We also assist foreigners to apply for work passes and assist foreign business owners to gain residency in Singapore.

“It is a great place to meet like minded business owners that wish to promote social work.”

Kevin Phun

Consultant of SD241 pte ltd

Young Entrepreneur Membership

Specialising in responsible tourism; helping places introduce ecotourism and community based sustainable tourism.

“To expand my network, to find opportunities outside Spore.”

Adrian Ho

Principal Consultant of Strategic Blueprint Pte Ltd

Indiviual Membership

Mr. Adrian Ho is the Principal Consultant with Strategic Blueprint based in Singapore specialising in property investment sales with a niche focus in hotel and commercial buildings in key markets such as Singapore, Australia and Vietnam. His other consultancy roles involve strategic business direction, regional market penetration and spatial planning optimisation in the industry sectors of Property and Food and Beverage.

Prior to Strategic Blueprint, Adrian gained an extensive technical knowledge in cross border investment sales and deal structuring in the markets of Singapore, Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom for chalking over a decade of experience with stints in CKS Property Consultants, a member of the PhillipCapital network, and Credo Real Estate (Singapore).

Adrian is passionate about the eldercare sector and has set his sights on developing a borderless retirement village with a play on artificial intelligence and hospitality services.

“Joining BLW gives Adrian an opportunity not only to network with other global business leaders who are top leaders in their industry, but more importantly BLW provides a platform for leaders to come together with a common goal for giving back to social causes.

This is in line with the personal direction that Adrian strongly believes and is committed to work towards. The very fundamental purpose to life is Family. It is also Adrian’s take on his vision in creating borderless retirement villages to look after the well-being of our seniors.”

Mervyl Gay

Associate Director of Bank Julius Baer

Individual Membership

My name is Mervyl Gay, a Singaporean Peranakan Chinese working in Bank Julius Baer. I function primarily as a Private Banker but also seek to be a solution provider to all banking and financing needs of my clients. This entails being a dedicated central point of contact and problem solver for wealth management across any assets. My transaction experience to date spans across South East Asia, China, Middle East and UK for High Networth Individuals, Personal Investment Vehicles and institutional entities (including External/Independent Asset Managers, single and multi family offices)

“Seeking business opportunities, learning for personal growth and having a heart to contribute to society”

Ken Yam Kit Seng

Executive of Unisen Asia Pte Ltd/Project PoE Pte Ltd

Social Enterprise

I am the business owner of the two company.

Unisen Asia is a company that supply, install and provide after sales maintenance to client on CCTV, Door Access System and Alarm System. Most of our client are from Mutli Nation Company and SME. We have client in other part of SEA like Manila, Burnei, Bangladesh, Malaysia.

Project PoE is a company that organised activities for Foreign Students, introduce good moral values, learning about Spore and it’s culture. Project PoE also will use it’s profit to bring under privilege or lower income family student to spore for education and culture exchange, fully sponsor by the company, it’s a way that we are return back to the Society.

“BLW is a good platform where you will meet different walk of people with the intention to do good and return back to the Society. We must agreed that it is a good practice by, returning back to the Society, will make your business and life more complete.”

Genevieve Chan

Director of GC Tax Services Pte Ltd

Young Entrepreneur Membership

GC Tax Services specializes in taxation and business consultation for micro and medium sized companies in Singapore. We also assist foreigners working in Singapore on their personal income tax matters.

“Through the BLW community, I hope to meet like minded business owners and share collaboration opportunities as well as access industry expertise. Equally important, is to enjoy the business building journey together!”

Bashir Ahmad

CEO of Liquinex Group Pte Ltd

Corporate Membership

Liquinex Specializes in water treatment and recycling using novel ceramic membrane as its core technology. It’s compact water purification system (CWPS) the size of a suitcase has been used in humanitarian and rural applications across the region in SE Asia and India.

Unlike other manually operated system, CWPS system can be operated using car batteries or solar panel, and can purify and disinfect water (with high level of confidence using UV sterilizer lamp) especially for aid and relief operations.

The system has been deployed in Indonesia, India, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and most recently, in Thailand. CWPS system has been given some recognitions as shown below:

1) https://www.ipi-singapore.org/success-stories/pooling-resources-together-clean-water

2) https://www.ipi-singapore.org/innovation-insights/igniting-innovation%E2%80%94bashir-ahmad-liquinex-group

3) https://www.ipi-singapore.org/success-stories/collaborations-provide-water-purification-solutions-disaster-relief-and-remote-areas


Jonathan Wong


Jon is a Singapore qualified lawyer. He advises on general corporate and commercial matters with a particular focus on cross-border joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and investments. His area of practice includes advising clients on day-to-day business matters, including regulatory compliance issues and employment related matters. He is also able to advise on civil and commercial disputes.

Jon’s transaction experience includes acting as Singapore counsel to:
(a) Accor SA’s US$2.9 billion acquisition and takeover of the Fairmont, Swissotel and Raffles Hotel; and
(b) the establishment to TDK and Qualcomm’s US$3 billion Singapore joint venture.

“Jon was keen to join BLW because of its refreshing and meaningful focus on enabling social enterprises across the Asia-Pacific region.”

Alan Lim

Group CEO at E-Services Group (ESG)

Accredited by Forrester Now, NetSDL offers a robust order and inventory management software suite in APAC and works with clients such as Uniqlo, Adidas, Johnson Controls.
“Being a member of BLW enables me to be more involved not only in the business but also the social enterprise communities for where I live, travel, and work.”
Xavier Pech

Xavier PECH, Senior Partner at ACT – Asia Corporate Training Ltd.

Experienced team leader with a demonstrated history of business success through people. Skilled in Hospitality, Luxury Goods, Food & Beverage, Budgeting, Business Strategy and Operations Management. Strong entrepreneurship professional with long corporate business experience.

ACT has been a leading Experiential Learning company in the field of training and development for the last 15 years. We address behavioural change through experiential learning. We believe and respect that every organization is different, hence a need for different solutions to address organizational challenges.

“I joined BLW because the events are designed to allow for interaction not only with NGOs, exploring opportunities for creating a positive social impact but also to link up with like-minded business leaders, for potential cooperation and partnership.”

Hiok Keat YEO

General Manager of Project Dignity

Project Dignity, an award-winning
social enterprise headquartered in Singapore that specialises in a range of unique
experiences including cooking classes and community-focused events. Combining
innovative business solutions with empowerment, the street food industry was
transformed through Dignity Kitchen™, Asia’s first social enterprise food court run
by differently abled and disadvantaged.
As a founding member of Project Dignity, Hiok Keat ventured into the unknown
with a passion to empower the disabled and disadvantaged. He believes that
every individual can achieve his potential and seeks to give individuals with
disabilities and disadvantages more than a fair chance to do so.

“I believe in the business of doing good. With BLW platform, hopefully we can inspire more businesses to
do good.”

Richard Yap


Richard is an experienced and seasoned banking and investment professional.  He started his career in commercial lending, and extended into investment banking initially with credit research and then in special situation investment and debt restructuring in the nineties.  He took on business development role and established extensive relationship with sovereign wealth funds, commercial banks, insurance companies, alternative asset managers including hedge funds, private equity funds, and debt / mezzanine funds.  Today, he continued to advise his relationships with regards to their expansion and acquisition strategy with his wealth of knowledge and contacts in the region.  His last position was CEO and co-founder of Q Fund Management – a specialist in fundamental equity investment in China

“I believe all companies should have a social purpose as well as being financially sustainable. It is about caring for the community and society it serves.  It is also about doing good for its customers and the community it is in.  It goes beyond just simply donating for charitable causes or volunteering.  As a seasoned investor and an advocate for social impact investing, I hope to raise the awareness of helping social companies to do well and do good at the same time.”