Mr. Hiok Keat Yeo

Mr. Yeo Hiok Keat is the General Manager of Project Dignity, an award-winning social enterprise headquartered in Singapore that specialises in a range of unique experiences including cooking classes and community-focused events. Combining innovative business solutions with empowerment, the street food industry was transformed through Dignity Kitchen™, Asia’s first social enterprise food court run by differently abled and disadvantaged.

As a founding member of Project Dignity, Hiok Keat ventured into the unknown with a passion to empower the disabled and disadvantaged. He believes that every individual can achieve his potential and seeks to give individuals with disabilities and disadvantages more than a fair chance to do so.  

He oversees the development of an innovative training programme, and many successful job placements for Person with Disabilities (PWD) and disadvantaged persons. 

He has worked with diverse group of special needs including Person with Disabilities, Person with Mental Illness and the socially excluded. Hiok Keat and his team are sensitive to the needs of their trainees, and creative in their solutions for workplace challenges. These special traits not only commanded respect from them but also increases their effectiveness in the training of these trainees and their employers. 

Prior to Project Dignity, Hiok Keat was involved in the fund management of the Local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) Programme for a local industry association.

In 2008, together with 4 associates, they developed the first E-learning training platform on the trading of financial instruments.