Shirley Whing Chow

Imagine inspiring your team, speaking your truth, or sharing your ideas in front of thousands with Confidence, Charisma, and Ease? For too many, unfortunately, they never got the support or training to help them say a big, fat juicy ‘SURE!’. Their voices or messages are ‘blocked & robbed’ by doubts, anxiety, and tension.

After spending 3 decades motivating hundreds of thousands of children, professional singers, and teams across 4 continents, former opera coach-pianist, musical producer, and program director Shirley has heard that voice too many times. She founded Whing Resilience Success Coaching in 2021 to help children and professional women ‘own their confidence & own their tomorrow’.

Her courses aim at boosting multiple intelligences. They include America’s most comprehensive EQ and Social Intelligence profiling, theatrical speech and singing, and confident interview& interaction skills. On the other hand, having survived childhood trauma, PTSD, bullying, and depression, this Canfield Success Principles Trainer is extremely passionate in identifying clients’ limiting beliefs and roadblocks. She designs workshops to transform them with Law of Attraction transformation tools.

Joining BLW, Shirley’s intention:
Since 2019, I have been actively advocating mental health and female empowerment in numerous global summits, representing Hong Kong in global women’s business networks, and contributing to Amazon bestselling books. I believe education is key, and it takes the power of WE to raise mental health awareness. I am both humbled and thrilled in joining BLW’s extensive network of givers and impact makers. I can’t wait to learn from everyone and see how I can contribute to both the local chapter and the BLW world at large.