Polly Chan

Thrive Hong Kong Charitable Ltd.

Polly started off as a senior HR leader for international leading firms with experience in 10+ industries.

She had felt in love with children education charity services and entrepreneurships in her second and third careers.

In her latest journey, she is setting up a new children education charity called Thrive Hong Kong Charitable Ltd.

Thrive Hong Kong envisions to inspire and empower under-resourced children and youths in Hong Kong to embrace life with enhanced self-confidence, a positive mind-set and a giving back attitude.

Leveraging her prior charity experience of empowering 500+ needy children during 2009 to 2017, together with 5 young ambassadors (alumni from our previous charity), some long term International volunteers and many giving minded corporate and individuals, Polly and Lilian Sze, her charity partner believe, together we will be able to empower even more children and youths to shine in the future.

To provide financial sustainability and operational sustainability for Thrive Hong Kong, we also operate a Social Enterprise called Thrive Ltd to help caring corporates to design and project-lead their CSR workshops for Social impact & Enhanced Employee experience.

Please feel free to contact Lilian or me to share your wonderful giving back ideas.

“BLW stands out as an excellent senior executive Learning & Networking community. On day One, I was already learning a lot of useful and interesting business ideas on doing business with Good from renowned speakers. I am also impressed with the high quality of the members who are sincere, friendly and have a strong giving back mindset. As a new member, we already benefited from immediate business support and advice from a few of our existing members. Let me take this opportunity to thank Benson Lau to have introduced BLW to me and Dennis Tang to have accepted me as part of the BLW family. Thanks!”