Peter Lam

Ola Tech is a leading marketplace to provide affordable, sustainable smartphones with quality and warranty in Southeast Asia, starting in HK. Our mission is to give every ph(one) a second chance. We have sold over 20,000 devices with 10,000 satisfied customers, about a quarter of them to social enterprise, since we launched in August 2000. On top of it, we help reduce 400 tons of carbon and eliminate 4 tons of e-waste.
We are based at InnoCentre and are a Hong Kong and Science Park partner. Also, we receive
grants from the recycling fund and pre-seed investments from Mucker Capital, a VC based in
Los Angeles.

Peter is also a member of the Channel Islands Rotary Club. Every month he volunteers to help the youth and elders across those in need in the Hong Kong community.

Peter joined BLW because it is an excellent platform for ideas and collaborations on social and climate change innovations.