Kenny Yau

Kenny has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing and was a Sales Associate Director in an international company before co-founding Wada Bento. He holds an MBA degree (City University of Hong Kong) and completed the Global Branding Program in Imperial College London.

Wada Bento ( is a decentralized foodservice platform helping foodservice operators expand sales channels extensively to customers’ doorsteps. We enable foodservice operators to expand sales channels from restaurants to the lobbies of office buildings, schools, and hospitals, using patented Hot-chain Bento Robot technology. For end-users, they can enjoy hot and fresh gourmet Bentos in just 17 seconds through our Bento Robots. The technology has been verified by our 180,000 Bentos sold and has been deployed for Hong Kong’s top chain restaurant.

We are impressed by BLW’s passion for co-creating values for the community. Wada Bento is
keen to expand food service together with the BLW partners.