Jacqueline Chan

Jacqueline is the Founder and Solution Head of ESPAY.HK, an E-Commerce (Service & Payment) platform, provided multi-functional online services beginning from 2010. We have been covering School Fee collections for ESF Group of 26 schools, School Lunch Pre-order service for international schools in both Hong Kong and China. As well as shops, bazaars, chain stores, cafes, charities, events, associations, and enterprises both in online or offline payment.

Merchants on ESPAY.HK manages its own services and all transactions are paid to the merchant’s account directly. The platform is safe, secure, risk-free and there are no delays and no PCI to be concerned with.

ESPAY.HK also works as a community platform connecting different kinds of social services such as donations, free system support, free training, and free events.

Jacqueline has over 26 years of experience in IT Solutions for China Mobile, China Telecom, Ping An Insurance & Sinopec, etc,

Jacqueline is a specialist in Business Management, Optimisations, and Payment.

We are willing to share and connect more enterprises and organizations to build their own powerful online system and all-in-one management platform.

Grow your business & make it green with us.

“I was introduced to BLW through Vicky Chan, the executive director of Chip In. I am grateful to become a BLW member, I look forward to connect, learn, and grow with such experienced professionals and specialists. Thanks, Vicky, Dennis & all.”