Franklin Lau

Reanda International

Franklin is the managing director of Reanda Lau & Au Yeung (HK) CPA Ltd, ranked No 13 in HK per 2018 survey conducted by International Accounting Bulletin. He is also CEO of Reanda International, a network of firms providing audit, tax, advisory and legal support, based in Beijing, ranked 20th internationally with 40 country/ territory members worldwide in 2019, comprises of 15 members in Asia, 2 from Australia and Oceania, 1from Middle East, 7 from Africa, 14 from Europe and 1 from South America. Franklin is the life member of BLW, he has 2 kids, enjoys tennis, photography and singing in his leisure.

“BLW is amazing! Labeling BLW as a business club or association will just diminish the real meaning of joining it. Members of BLW are elites from diverse industries with very different cultural backgrounds and disciplines. this is an international community where business leaders in here are encouraged to share their knowledge and vision and most importantly care for each other and contribute to the society as our common goals. My hearty thanks to Dennis for bringing me in.”