Damon Fan

Damon co-founded Onepile, an automated bookcrossing kiosk and services provider, with the vision of digitalizing the bookcrossing process and transforming the traditional book exchange practice into a sustainable social enterprise.

Bookcrossing has grown into a global phenomenon in the past decade, but the idea has not taken off in Hong Kong. He and his partners founded Onepile to make a bigger impact on the community by promoting a reading culture and preserving the planet.

This innovation has led Onepile to win the Chan Dang Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Award in 2022 – a new award launched at HKUST to encourage and recognize university members who turn creative business ideas into a sustainable venture for promoting social good.

Damon graduated from HKUST with majors in Marketing & Management. He started his career in the production department of a movie channel with the aim of becoming a film director. His 4 years in the entertainment industry equipped him with the practical skills and know-how of movie production. Serendipity then led him to his second career in the financial services industry where he spent 15 years in the insurance field.

‘It was a very good experience to have met the members in BLW, great to know people who are willing to share ideas and help the society.’