Crystal Lam

Crystal is a registered chiropractor in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong with a special interest in women’s health and functional neurology. Chiropractic care for children and pregnant women is Crystal’s area of expertise. She is a licensed Schroth practitioner and specialises in scoliosis as well.

From a very young age, Crystal lived and studied independently in the UK for a decade. In early 2022, Crystal relocated back to her native Hong Kong to work as a chiropractor at a long-established clinic alongside other senior and highly experienced chiropractors.

Crystal has a strong commitment to natural health and wellbeing; she encourages people who are interested in research-based probiotics, raw materials of food supplements and organic therapeutic herbal cream for OEM and ODM partnerships in order to further expand natural preventative medicine.

“Being a part of the BLW community, in my opinion, is tremendously useful to my personal development because it not only enables me to network with other like-minded, aspirational, and ambitious young professionals as well as senior executives, but also to give back to society as part of our social obligations.”