Ann Kwong

Think & Act Strategic Co.,Ltd.

Think & Act Strategic has been in toy industry since 1998 and concentrate in wooden toy sector on OEM & ODM manufacturing since 2002.

With a vision of caring children by developing good design and quality wooden toys. We developed a specific quality control system and proudly stated as the first and unique one. This not only strengthen our product reliability but also our trust on customers and consumers.

2019 was my 30 years anniversary in toy industry.
Lucky me, the longer I am here, I feel younger !
I strongly believe life-long learning and I never give up.
Five years ago, I obtained MBA degree and my honorable Doctorate !

I believe good attitude and care are key elements of success. Care of your working team, partners and customers is important to form a long-lasting collaboration unit.

Education and IT lead our future !

I am very happy to set my goal to participate on education by developing wooden toys as tools and system for children growth, elderly assistance and family harmony.

“Being impressed by BLW members who are not restricted to local residents. Member and guest from different sectors/countries who exchange their business view and focus on helping others to move on their goal. This platform can help to extend “Think Globally and Act Locally” marketing strategy!”